VMforce connector service for Java developers

VMforce connector service for Java developers

Emma Keates
Today, we announced a new VMforce connector service that will enable Java developers to quickly and easily build FinancialForce Accounting functionality into their own VMforce applications. The key points of note are:
  • It opens the doors for VMforce Java developers that want fast, easy access to enterprise accounting functionality on the Force.com platform. • It will significantly reduce configuration and set up time of the FinancialForce Accounting web services layer.
  • It will leverage key features of the well established Spring framework, such as tight IDE integration and many framework features such as Sprint Web Flow
  • Out of the box, VMforce developers will have access to the accounting functionality they need to make their apps enterprise-ready quickly and easily.
The great thing about this is that customers will be able to choose from the latest VMforce Java developed applications while still benefiting from the most advanced accounting app on the platform. Developers normally have to configure and set up the FinancialForce.com web services layer which is a technical job and can be time consuming. The plan is that FinancialForce.com will deliver that configuration to them out of the box enabling VMforce developers to develop apps quicker and be more productive. It’s still early days, but we expect to have a lot more to announce around the time the VMforce developer preview becomes available, currently slated for later this year.

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