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View from inside the Salesforce economy

From time to time you need to step back and take in the big picture. With that, we’d like to say thank you to Salesforce and IDC for publishing their study on the Salesforce economy.

As an early settler back in this world, it’s been a thrilling ride for FinancialForce, but when you are in the thick of it sometimes you need to take a step back and see how big an impact Salesforce is having on a global scale.

It’s only just begun

The headline statistics of $272 Billion GDP contribution and 1 Million in jobs certainly got my attention but for me the jaw dropper stat was that 71% of IT is still tied up simply keeping the legacy systems’ lights on.  Only 3% of IT spend is on public cloud.  

When you’ve spent years working with customers who have used Salesforce technologies to transform their companies you sort of get used to IT being an enabler rather than an overhead.  You expect IT to be the catalyst to do new things rather than the thing that gets in the way of change. These stats tell us we’re still in the very early stages of this shift and it’s our customers that have been the true visionaries and early settlers in the re-invention of their own industries.


What’s the secret sauce?

We’ve seen many new cloud apps appear, but why is the Salesforce economy having this global impact? For me it’s because from the very early days Salesforce worked extremely hard to build a platform  – not just a set of apps.  Essential components such as approvals, analytics, mobile and social were built so that anyone could use them – business users and developers.  They created the #1 toolkit for business apps and that toolkit began to be used across entire companies not just in one department.  Sales, Marketing, Service, Delivery, Finance, IT and HR functions could all be transformed through the adoption of Salesforce technologies.  

A platform to enable business strategy

I see many reasons why the Salesforce ecosystem has grown so rapidly and continues to do so:

  • Customers see rapid success and look for other areas of their business to apply the same magic
  • IT uses the platform to drive innovation and support the goals of the business
  • Developer communities have flourished and have become evangelists
  • Third parties bring their own domain expertise to build apps and create a vibrant app marketplace for businesses
  • Implementation partners of all sizes are attracted to deliver projects from single app implementations up to the largest enterprise engagements

Come and join us

I first dipped my toe in the Salesforce economy nearly a decade ago and back then it required a leap of faith.  I think IDC has shown that it’s now safe to jump in and we’ve only just begun. Take a peek at https://www.financialforce.com/company/careers/ to see where you could join in.

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