[Video] What's Better than the Best? Netsmart might know.

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[Video] What's Better than the Best? Netsmart might know.

And the answer is…The Best of the Best. That’s what Netsmart Technologies professional service organization was named by SPI Research this past year after producing some mind-blowing services results related to profits, utilization, and growth. As healthcare’s largest post-acute provider of electronic health records (EHRs) and coordinated care solutions, Netsmart knows a few things about technology – whether it’s the technology they are creating for the healthcare world or what they use in-house. The fun part of this story for us is that Netsmart credits a big chunk of their success to using FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA), along with Salesforce CRM, all on the same cloud platform.

Doug Abel, Executive Vice President at Netsmart, puts it best.

Having CRM and FinancialForce PSA integrated gives us that much more of a complete picture of the client, which helps us serve them more effectively as their partner. It’s all about predictability. It’s all about being able to say, ‘You’re going to do this,’ and you actually deliver. We just couldn’t do that before we used FinancialForce.

Doug and his colleagues tell the full Netsmart story here.

If you didn’t catch every sound byte, some serious metrics that matter include.

  • With FinancialForce PSA, Consulting gross margin up 20%, year-over-year
  • Utilization improved from the high-60s to the low-80s due to increased transparency into the business and visibility into individual productivity
  • Click of a button forecasts — a 99% improvement! Prior to PSA, forecasting was a week-long process that involved every leader in the Consulting organization

As we like to say customers say it best.

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