Venture Technologies: customer-centricity and the power of a one-cloud platform

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Venture Technologies: customer-centricity and the power of a one-cloud platform

High performing IT organizations don’t get that way by accident. They operate with strategic technology and best practices to help them deliver quality solutions to customers.

That’s exactly how premier IT solutions provider, Venture Technologies, approaches their business. So when they uncovered a disconnect between customer-facing and internal processes along with mountains of rekeying the same information into multiple systems – they did something about it.

A Single Pane of Glass: Integration between ERP and Salesforce CRM

The core problem was clear. There was no integration between their aging ERP system and their modern, cloud CRM system from Salesforce.  Their IT was constantly challenged to synchronize data, which ultimately compromised customer service. Multiple applications were painful and time consuming to upgrade and kept users away from core responsibilities.  And old school ERP made it hard to be agile and respond to the market.

Fortunately, the solution to these problems was even clearer – FinancialForce ERP on the Salesforce Platform.

VentureTech is now using FinancialForce cloud ERP connected right to Salesforce CRM, bringing multiple databases into one, where data can flow freely between the front office and the back office. Having one platform has given Venture a ‘single pane of glass’ approach – where multiple apps feed into a comprehensive screen – helping to solve sales needs, financial needs and customer service needs quickly and easily. Bringing ERP and CRM together has also meant less admin, more business building tasks for employees with teams feeling empowered and engaged, keeping staff turnover low.

“We embarked on this journey with FinancialForce, in part, to add operational efficiency to our business. But the upside is that we’ve been able to connect sales and service together in a truly integrated cycle.  This means that our customer service is actually becoming part of the sales cycle again. We’re creating repeat customers, we’re ensuring that our service delivery is aligned with what the sales expectations were, and we’re gaining market share and depth of service within our customer base.” – RJ Smith, Vice President Finance, Venture Technologies

But nobody tells the story better then Venture. Watch the Venture team talk about how using cloud for ERP makes perfect sense when you already have CRM in the cloud.

Some key takeaways:

  • Revenue has grown almost 40% where operational costs and headcount shrank
  • Edging out the competition with single pane of glass approach: the ability to go to one screen, one search page and pull in relevant customer data
  • CRM functionality became richer with FinancialForce ERP in place
  • Adding unique features and functions has been easy thanks to flexibility of Salesforce Platform
  • Salespeople closing  deals faster with visibility into financials from anywhere
  • Can capture moments and circumstances within the sales cycle to stay ahead of the curve and respond to customer needs on the spot

To read the full case study click here.


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