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Understanding the VAR business model: Success Checklist

Have you taken a good, hard look at the state of supply chain management lately? The VAR business model is quickly evolving and growing in support of the technology sector in order to better service and engage supply end user customers.

In a recent report, Aberdeen Group’s Bryan Ball, Vice President and Group Director of Supply Chain and GSM Practices, examined the current and future state of supply chain to uncover the most important success factors for VARs. He found that amidst the changing landscape, understanding the supply chain requirements of the evolving business model will be imperative for VARs to achieve success, which will ultimately be determined by how VARs manage their services performance compared to the competition.

For example, have you established a rebate tracking mechanism? Do you know if you have a 48% margin or higher on all service business; a Best-in-Class performance metric? These are just a couple items to keep in mind as a VAR in 2015.

Take a look at the full success checklist to see where you stack up and to ensure that your supply chain and service model is truly Best-in-Class.

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