Users views: AppEx review – bridging the gap between sales and finance

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Users views: AppEx review – bridging the gap between sales and finance

Cogent Online ( is the latest user to leave a positive review on the AppExchange. Giving the application 5 out of 5, Damian Saunders says it has helped the company bridge the gap between sales and finance. He says: “Successful online advertising and performance marketing is all about metrics and analytics. At Cogent Online ( we were frustrated in our attempts to measure our performance by the separation of our sales and financial systems necessitating the use of laborious manual reporting.

FinancialForce has resolved all of that for us. We now have complete end to end metrics for sales and finance out of the one platform. We are now in a position to easily automate many of the processes we use, giving us greater efficiency. Combine that with direct support and contact with the FinancialForce team and this is easily the best infrastructure decision we have made. FinancialForce bridged the gap for us.” Excellent result!

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