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User reviews grow as user base builds…

Following the release of our Spring ’09 release, the first full release covering core accounting processes and the only native finance system on, the level of interest amongst potential users has grown steadily. Many have jumped onto the Free Trial to test out the solution, and that’s then lead to customers around the world subscribing and implementing CODA 2go to run their businesses. Excitingly we’re now starting to see user feedback filtering out from those who’ve been using or testing the product for some time. Some of these can be found on the Appexchange, and are all extremely positive:

CODA 2go was “the right decision” Under the title ‘Essential CRM functionality’, early adopter Oliver Cornes describes how he’s been “trialling CODA 2go since the initial release in 2008, having realised early-on that CRM is limited unless it provides visibility over financial data as well. So for example if a customer calls, we need to know (without referring to the accounting team) the status of their account.” He explains that they considered integrating to external accounting solutions but found them too expensive, complex to implement and “unsatisfactory”. Cornes goes on to point out that CODA 2go is different because “it isn’t integrated with Salesforce, it runs IN Salesforce. We can create reports, dashboards, apex code, custom fields, etc using the CODA custom objects, and even integrate their objects with other AppExchange apps.

So for example we produce customer statements using Conga Merge, which pulls data from the CODA system. Creating the first customer statement took about a day, including learning Conga Merge.” That’s a great example of how straightforward integration in the cloud can be, particularly when solutions are running on the same platform. He goes on to say that “Salesforce & CODA 2go provide a comprehensive platform upon which to run a new business, and we are only at the beginning of our journey into the opportunities that lie ahead. It is very exciting knowing that we have all our company & customer data in one place – we can do things that are quite simply impossible if this data is kept in disparate locations.” He goes onto list the main benefits they are enjoying from subscribing to CODA 2go, and concludes “We have gone live with CODA 2go, and it’s clear we have made the right decision”.

“CODA 2go will revolutionize how finance organizations function” In another review entitled “Finally, an on-demand Accounting app that works”, Prasad Kanumury describes how the seamless integration between the CODA 2go Order to Cash functionality and the SFA functionality “enables sales to be removed from the administrative accounting overhead associated with closing a deal.” He goes onto declare that “with the new Purchase to Pay functionality, CODA 2go will provide complete visibility into GL and AP so that finance can finally have a toolset that enables the entire organization. CODA 2go will revolutionize how finance organizations function.”

Yet another user highlights the benefits of CODA 2go “This is a great APP. We implemented it 60 days ago and finally have the financial control of the order to cash process we need to run our operation – that functionality is missing in standard Salesforce CRM. Coda2Go provides functionality every sales organization needs, but is usually a separate application or system.” The user goes onto explain the benefits on CODA 2go being native on the platform: “The tight integration with Salesforce – Accounts, Contacts, Products, Opportunities – make use and training simple and powerful, especially for sales people and sales managers. For power users, like Sales Ops and Accounting, CODA 2go is straighforward and operates as expected.”

We’re delighted that these users are so positive about moving to CODA 2go, and THANK YOU to those users who’ve written reviews. If you’re had similar positive experiences, why not send them to us, or write them up on the Appexchange for others to read.

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