Top 5 project management challenges

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Top 5 project management challenges

With project management, it’s important to put the customer at the center of your strategy to help your teams work more collaboratively, more efficiently and provide more value to clients. And as a project manager, you need access to real-time data and the ability to make quick decisions off of this information.

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Here are the top five project management challenges:

Project Management Challenges
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  1. Project visibility. It’s important to get a full picture – a cross-company view into all your projects and resources. Lack of visibility leads to departmental silos and inefficiencies.
  2. Project control. Without a holistic view of your projects, it’s difficult to manage spend and resources. Oftentimes, project managers have a hard time allocating their resources properly, and without visibility, engagement, mobility, collaboration and social tools within your company, your resource management efforts may fall short.
  3. Services delivery. Great project managers excel at managing customer expectations and continuously communicate with clients throughout the process – and with the right platform, it’s simple.
  4. Billing automation. When your billing process largely involves spreadsheets, these manual processes take away precious time for services delivery. What if you could automate your billing process on the same platform you use for your sales and services functions?
  5. Customer focus. When you’re dealing with all of the challenges above, it’s difficult to put all your focus on the customer. In order to be customer-centric, inefficiencies need to be thrown out the window to make room for processes that will benefit the project manager as well as the client. Oftentimes, with manual processes come a ton of unnecessary meetings, taking away from customer focus. When you streamline processes, control your resources and keep everyone in the loop with real-time data, the customer becomes number one again – as it should be.

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