Top 5 new years resolutions for your services business in 2016

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Top 5 new years resolutions for your services business in 2016

As you jot down your resolutions for 2016 – eat an apple a day, floss more, learn a foreign language, visit a new place – make sure to reserve a section for your business goals too. If your customers are happy and your projects are successful, you’ll have that much more time to learn Italian and visit Pompeii.

2015 saw a lot of growth for professional services companies and services departments, which are quickly becoming the most strategic, profitable parts of the business. In 2016, resolve to send this growth into hyperdrive. For some resolution inspiration, consider these 5 new years resolutions for your services business:

1. Choose a strategic cloud platform for all your business applications

strategic cloud platformAs your business grows, so does the amount of Excel spreadsheets, data rekeying and disparate systems. All of these mismatched processes can slow down your business in 2016. When you resolve to put all of your important business tools on one strategic cloud platform – like the Salesforce App Cloud – you’ll be guaranteeing successful departmental handoff, smooth communication and data that’s actually in real-time.

2. Invest in the right technology 

invest in the right technologyCIOs and IT Directors are quickly becoming essential advisors to the enterprise. Listen to them. Opt for systems that don’t need constant upgrades or software facelifts. Plus, avoid “solutions” that cause departmental silos to wreak havoc in 2016. If the finance and sales teams have their own technology while your services team is using something completely different – your customer service will take the hit. It’s important to choose the right technology for the entire business, with your IT department taking the lead.

3. Play nice with sales 

play nice with salesCouple services and sales, and everyone wins. If your sales team was working independently from services in 2015, you’ve got to make some changes. Without the proper communication between the two departments, customers will have unrealistic expectations, proper resources won’t be in place and revenue will get pushed. Implement a system that will give everyone visibility into the pipeline, in real-time.

4. Don’t leave HR in the dust 

dont leave HR in the dustResolve to start Peoplecasting® in 2016! Knowing which resources are available, at the right time, with the right skills is invaluable for professional services businesses. Combining data from the HR department, your professional services team and CRM helps services businesses more intelligently predict and supply the resources needed to meet customer demands.

5. Improve your utilization

improve your utilizationProperly utilizing your resources can be a puzzle. A 1-2% variation in utilization can mean the difference between funding rapid growth and keeping the lights on. Don’t put yourself in this position next year. Decrease bench time and increase profits in 2016. To learn how, try our Utilization Evaluator calculator.


This list may seem like a large feat for a mere 12 months, but with the right tools in place – and with the right platform – you’ll make 2016 your best year yet. So grab an apple, watch this video and learn how a Professional Services Automation solution built on the Salesforce Platform can help you today.

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