Top 3 takeaways for Professional Services from Technology Services World 2015

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Top 3 takeaways for Professional Services from Technology Services World 2015

It was an exciting week at TSW in Las Vegas!  With a record 1,500 people attending it’s obvious the value being delivered by Service organizations, and the keen interest in learning from each other. Here are some of the  key themes that resonated for us and we are sure attendees will be bringing back to their PSOs.

Growing Customers Successfully

This year we are all evolving to more customer centric values and culture.   No longer is the client journey ending after they’ve been handed off to support.  Organizations are seeing the value in breaking down the walls between service lines and moving to a customer centric workforce.  By putting the customer at the center of every engagement we’re better positioned to meet their needs and ensure success.  We saw many examples of firms coupling their PSA solution and CRM as the first step to enable this client centric model.

Metrics That Matter

A second theme at TSW was the desire to have more meaningful, and easily produced, metrics. With the move to a customer centric service model, no longer can organizations measure their business just by bookings and margin.  There was a good bit of discussion around what specific information signals whether the client is on a path to success or not.  Some examples brought up were how to gain visibility into products or services that the client may need?  What’s the best time to pitch a health check or ensure they are still successful?

Blurring the Lines on the Services Continuum

The final trend, which is consistent with what we see in our customer base,  is the blurring of the line between the service disciplines.  The point is to deliver what the customer needs, which may push the limits of what the organization is structured to deliver.  

More companies are beginning to sell value added services that are separate from the initial project. Customers are tending to hire third parties to manage their environments versus trying to source and hire that skill set themselves.  Companies are leveraging a broader set of resources from different areas of the company to get the job done.

One fact remains – your people, and their skills, location, experience and approach are critical to your success. introduced Peoplecasting® at the TSW show, in conjunction with the  HR Technology Conference also happening in Vegas.  Peoplecasting® seamlessly integrates CRM, PSA, and HCM providing insight into  projected resource needs (Demand), current supply and  your organization’s recruiting pipeline, to close the gap between supply and demand.  This provides the information needed to make staffing decisions  and set expectations prior to running into a problem.

Overall it was once again an enlightening conference that emphasized the continued value being placed on services delivering an exceptional client experience.

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