Top 10 pains wreaking havoc on your HR department

Top 10 pains wreaking havoc on your HR department

HR pains
Polina Polishchuk
Tags: HCM, HR, Human Capital Management

We asked HR professionals in various industries what their pain points are, and the answers we received were both candid and telling.

It’s no secret that human capital is your company’s greatest asset, and as an HR professional, you are the one connecting the bridge between your employees’ success and the company as a whole. But with paperwork and daily responsibilities taking a big chunk out of your day, it’s difficult to focus on strategic projects needed to drive your organization forward.

So we conducted this survey in hopes of uncovering tedious, time-consuming pain points HR professionals are facing, and what steps they can take to alleviate these pains. And thankfully, there’s a solution, one that can help strengthen your workforce and improve your bottom-line by automating business processes.

Do the below troubles sound familiar?

  • Manual processes and spreadsheets
  • Disparate systems damage
  • Lack of workforce visibility and metrics
  • The chaos of recruiting
  • Employee relations nightmares

… and we all know there’s more – five more to be exact. Without further ado, here are the 10 pains wreaking havoc on your HR department – we cover the hows and whys, and even offer solutions to fix them.


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