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There are apps, and then there are HERO apps

Heroes really do come in all sizes, style and form. Some wear capes and leap tall buildings, others wear tuxedos while fighting off evil just before a martini (shaken not stirred), and others live in a single cloud known to kill off inaccurate data, spreadsheet overload, and poor visibility.

We recently came across a great list of five heroic cloud applications that can help anybody channel their inner office hero. These apps are known to help you ‘crush every challenge, increase productivity, and close deals faster.” FinancialForce Accounting was on this list, appropriately coined James Bond for its insane ability to fight financial villains and protect your bottom line from evil.

James has some great super-hero application company – all found on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s biggest shopping mall for business apps in the cloud.  To see where Katniss Everdeen, Lara Croft, Jack Traven and Captain Steven Hiller all fall in the hero app world, read the full article here.

To date there are over 2800 apps and 3 million plus installs  on the AppExchange – ranging from point solutions to full blown ERP applications like ours – addressing a wide variety of business problems. Considering the treasure trove of functionality and to be named a hero among it – we shall toast our fellow heroes with a 007 style martini and return to fighting evil.

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