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The Sociable Accountant – whatever next?!

Just a short post at this stage with further details to be announced soon.

Following the launch of Chatter from , the team is excited to announce it has been busy building social networking capability into FinancialForce Accounting . We’re close to unveiling it to the public and as the only online accounting vendor that truly ‘speaks Salesforce’ we expect to be the first that ‘Chatters’ too. We are not developing this on a whim, this is part of a long term push by FinancialForce to help finance and business professionals collaborate better within their organization, bringing clear benefits to accountants and the wider business. They include:

  • Faster, more automated finance processes; fewer bottlenecks
  • The ability to quickly identify and communicate with colleagues who have the information and expertise they need to get their questions answered
  • Convenient updates when relevant documents are changed or added

These are just some of the advantages of close communication between finance and sales. We expect to have more to say about exactly what we’re doing in the coming weeks. The sociable accountant – whatever next?!

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