The rise of the Community – Customers launch first user groups

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The rise of the Community – Customers launch first user groups

We have been approached by many customers in recent years asking us about User Groups and when would be the right time in the company’s growth to begin instigating them. We were confident that when the time was right, our customers would take the lead and forge ahead with their own groups.

We are very pleased to see that the launch of FinancialForce Community back in November seems to have been the catalyst for this, and that customer groups are beginning to pop up and gain momentum.

We know the importance customers place on the time they get to network and share ideas with other customers. In fact, this is often our customers’ primary reason for attending our annual customer community conferences. Now that we have a central hub where our customers and staff come together to solve problems, answer questions, exchange ideas, and learn about the many solutions and how to maximize them, this is an ideal time for user groups to establish themselves and for customers to find other like-minded users to discuss and share ideas. We look forward to seeing more and more user groups being established and to witnessing the power of customer collaboration. The age of the customer has truly arrived! customer user groups are customer-led initiatives designed to build customer communities around the globe, to share best practices, network with other customers, and hear from on topics of interest to the specific user group.


  • Peer-to-peer learning and assisting

  • Customers to connect and network

  • Enhance skill development among users

  • Improve the customer experience with FinancialForce ERP

We hope that you will get involved in the FinancialForce Community and keep an eye out for a user group near you, or even better, why not start your own group in Community? Check out our February User Groups.

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