The power of #ClicksNotCode

The power of #ClicksNotCode

Augustina Garcia
Tags: clicksnotcode, developer, salesforce

Those who work regularly on the Salesforce Platform will have heard that 80% of business logic can be done using #clicksnotcode and that the remaining 20% can be completed with some development. It can be even better – your business logic might be completely covered by Salesforce platform features and you won’t need to add a single line of code.

But have you experienced the opposite?

Does this sound familiar: You’ve got everything you need in your org; all the packages and platform configurations like fields, page layout changes, workflows and approval processes are in place. You’re ready to hand the implementation back to the customer for acceptance, but your customer has a new requirement that needs some development which you as a consultant cannot do – this can mean delaying everything.

The above is a common scenario for Alan Birchenough from ICON Cloud Consulting. He works with products on a daily basis and uses ClickLink in order to keep his customers happy. However, there have been times when he has had to tell them “we need to create a customization for you.” Well, this is now a thing of the past. With the latest ClickLink Lightning Edition, Salesforce Process Builder and Visual Flow, we can handle even more scenarios without having to add lines of code.

Would you like to know how? Read our latest article on the Developer website where Alan explains all the benefits of ClickLink and what you can get with #clicksnotcode.

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