The Nightmare on .XLS Street: 4 ways spreadsheets will haunt your business

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The Nightmare on .XLS Street: 4 ways spreadsheets will haunt your business

BEWARE. You are living in a nightmare. The antagonist of your dreams is slashing your productivity and sabotaging your business. The longer you stay in this nightmare, the bigger and more cumbersome this monster is getting to be. If you don’t wake up soon, your finance teams will get deeper and deeper into a manual rekeying rage and your company will be plagued with inaccurate data.

Who is this freakish monster?

Spreadsheets. While this villain might not be as scary when used for simple tasks, many businesses have fallen too deep into its trap – becoming heavily reliant on these spreadsheets to run major parts of their business. When given too much power, this beast creates nightmares company-wide for your business.

How exactly are spreadsheets haunting your dreams, your data and your business, you ask? Below are some freakishly familiar clues, but if you want to witness the full horror, download the full ‘Nightmare on .XLS Street’ eBook.

  1. You’re not getting paid fast enough
  2. You’re bleeding time and money during the compliance process
  3. Your data is in the dark
  4. Your customers are reaching for more, but getting the short end of the stick

You’ve been warned.

Relying too heavily on spreadsheets for the finance function causes the health of your company to suffer and will turn your everyday business bookkeeping processes into a living nightmare on .XLS street. Download the full eBook to learn more about the dangers of spreadsheets and what you can do to wake up from this nightmare.

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