The importance of a well-crafted interview process

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The importance of a well-crafted interview process

Let’s face it – we have all been on the candidate side of the interview table and can likely share experiences ranging from exceptional to just plain horrible. If hiring organizations only knew the downstream impact candidate interview experiences have on the overall success of the organization, things might be different. Oftentimes this relationship sadly does not enter into the recruitment model and, while organizations may attract and hire talent, they may not benefit completely from offering a great candidate experience.

Looking at the current market

The economy is healthy and hiring has once again become a key management objective for many organizations. Essentially, talent demand is increasing while qualified talent supply is having a tough time keeping up. As such, candidates are now in the proverbial “power seat” and are enjoying employment options. With that, how do organizations impress external talent such that they can enjoy the luxury of picking and choosing whom to hire? I postulate that by offering a high quality candidate experience, organizations can turn the tide in their favour and may benefit in myriad ways to boot. But how?

At the core, the organizations we admire often possess an employer brand based on a number of criteria including (and perhaps most importantly) how they value their employees. These very same organizations that provide a great candidate experience benefit not only from being able to attract and hire those individuals whom they target but also enjoy heightened employer branding which in turn yields greater candidate interest as well as an increased ability to hire “A” players, thus contributing to higher productivity and organizational success.

How to transform your recruiting process

High-quality candidate-centric recruiting processes respect and value the interviewing individual and include activities designed to encourage continued interest, including:

  • Well-written, descriptive position descriptions that describe the overall responsibilities and qualifications required for the role
  • Prepared and knowledgeable recruiters who represent the role comprehensively and who are at-the-ready to answer detailed Candidate questions
  • Engaged interviewing teams who ask probing, varied questions to develop a deep and broad understanding of the candidate’s capabilities and fit with both the hiring group and organization
  • Frequent, timely and honest interview feedback
  • Communication, communication, communication.

All touch points with a candidate provide an opportunity to further a budding relationship with individuals who have the ability to further the success of any hiring organization. Not to mention candidates share their impressions of your organization with others (often through anonymous Social Media outlets) thus contributing to your employer brand. If treated well in the interviewing process, candidates can become advocates and brand ambassadors. Once the word gets out that your organization is a desired place to work, by virtue of how you treat candidates (at the very least!), recruiting high-quality talent becomes easier which means your base-level internal talent becomes stronger, productivity increase and the organization’s competitive stance improves (not to mention the fact that often our candidates are our very customers on whom we depend for our success).

So, when creating a recruiting plan, put the Candidate experience at the top and develop the strategy to support a positive interviewing experience. Your organization’s success may very well depend on it. Talent acquisition apps are a great tool to help transform your recruiting process as well. FinancialForce HCM includes an integrated, seamless applicant sourcing and tracking system that takes you from initial requisition to onboarding new hires. Learn more about our talent acquisition features here.

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