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The future of finance: Is there an appetite for AI?

Thank you to everyone who joined our fantastic breakfast event in London focusing on predictive analytics and AI for finance professionals. In case you missed it, here are a few highlights from the event.

David Warbuton-Broadhurst, CIO at connectivity and infrastructure internet provider M24Seven, discussed his use of sophisticated dashboards to deliver powerful business intelligence. He also talked about future business aspirations surrounding predictive analytics and AI, specifically in regard to how algorithms that can automatically make decisions and issue communications will revolutionise the future of finance.

Gary Simon, CEO of FSN and Leader of the Modern Finance Forum for CFOs on LinkedIn, spoke about the future of planning and forecasting, sharing interesting results from recent research with finance professionals. He addressed the factors that drive forecast accuracy and insight, specifically calling out the importance of incorporating non-financial data.

Finally, Joe Thomas, our very own Solutions Evangelist of Analytics, delivered a thought-provoking presentation covering AI use cases for finance. Joe also touched on the benefits of using Salesforce Einstein, highlighting how it can enable 38% faster decision-making. The internal use of Einstein at FinancialForce, he noted, has already improved business processes.  

Clearly, AI will profoundly change the way businesses operate. The biggest challenge for organisations will be actually embracing AI quickly and in the best ways to drive future success.


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