The Dreamforce blister chronicles: Pro tips & tricks for protecting your feet

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The Dreamforce blister chronicles: Pro tips & tricks for protecting your feet

Dreamforce is almost here and if there’s one thing we know to be true: you will be on your feet A LOT. From breakfast sessions, to keynotes, two parties a night and maybe a few toursisty experiences, you will be walking and standing non-stop. While its great for your 10,000 steps a day challenge, your feet will likely be hurting.

We’re all in this together and wanted to share our expertise – check out a few of our tips, tricks and lessons learned from employees and Dreamforce veterans.

Good luck and we’ll see you on the streets!

1.) BANDAIDS! “No matter how comfy you think your shoes are, carry bandaids with you at all times during Dreamforce – or even better…Moleskin. Have enough on hand for you and your colleagues. You’ll be life saver!”Lucy Smythe, Customer Reference Manager

2.) Can I be comfortable and cute?  “I tried to find a happy medium between the shoe advice (comfort!) I’d been given and the NEED to wear runway-ready shoes, so I decided to wear kitten heels with lots of straps. There was so much walking that not only did I have 5 blisters per foot (3 around the backs of the heels and 1 on either side of each foot – where the straps rubbed the skin) but, my feet were “icky” from the dirt of the city streets. I don’t know what I’m doing this year – still thinking about how to be runway ready because I’m hard headed. Perhaps I’ll just bring huge swaths of medical gauze and tape so I can wear my girly shoes and prevent blisters. All in all,  I guess my tip would be: just wear your bedroom slippers ;).” Jacqueline Betancourt, Enterprise Customer Success Manager

3.) Sweet hotel room relief… “This is based on true story from one of my earliest Dreamforce’s when we only had a handful of employees so there were no booth duty shifts. Those assigned to the booth had to be there for all of the hours the expo was open. Talk about long days! By midweek two of the girls on the way back to the hotel bought personal foot spa bubble baths from CVS. They charged it to their expenses and in the circumstances it was approved without question as totally legitimate.”Kevin Roberts, Director of Platform Technology

4.) Always bring backup: “I always have a pair of back-up shoes like flats or flip flops in my bag. I like to wear heels for my meetings and events throughout the week but it’s not realistic to wear them all day! Having a pair of comfy flats to put on in-between meetings and for running to another location is my secret weapon. My feet are still tired by the end of the day but truly not as bad as it could be.” Sandy Lo, Senior Director of Public Relations

5.) Wear them in: “Dreamforce is an exciting week and of course you want to make a good impression but don’t make the mistake of buying brand new kicks. A telling sign that it’s someone’s first Dreamforce is that they wear shiny new shoes, but by the end of day 1, they are walking with a limp. If you have to buy new – try wearing them as much as possible beforehand to break them in a little. Also use insoles for extra support!” – Jason Wu, Director of Online Marketing

Remember to take care of yourself next week!

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