The Deal is a Tell-All Tale of Deals, Dollars & Cloud Computing (and Gnomes)

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The Deal is a Tell-All Tale of Deals, Dollars & Cloud Computing (and Gnomes)

You may have heard talk about ‘The Deal’, something novel and fun launching at Dreamforce? Well, we can reveal that it is a real novel and we’ve read it and it’s rather good! It’s got some great endorsements too. Launching today, The Deal is available as a free eBook and can be downloaded at It takes a no-holds-barred view of the age-old tenacious relationship between sales and finance, with something for everyone: comedy, corporate intrigue, and even some office romance. The Deal tells a story all too familiar to those in corporate office culture. An overly aggressive salesperson, hell bent on making High Achievers Club, is forced together with a by-the-numbers, buttoned-up accountant to resolve the problems that plague so many companies: walking a tightrope between the new business pipeline of requirements and closing the next big sales deal. team members contributed real-life anecdotes from their experiences of working closely with sales and finance teams who have found success in moving to cloud CRM and accounting solutions. Free copies of the book are available while stocks last at the Dreamforce conference this week, booth #806 or go to to download a free copy of the book for Kindle, iPad or other e-readers. It’s well written, insightful and funny, so well worth a read…
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