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The AppExchange – supporting a new world of business

Salesforce.com is celebrating six years of the AppExchange citing one million installs and 20,000 apps. That’s some achievement. Force.com is backed by more than 92,000 salesforce.com customers representing 3,000,000 users. That is 15 times more companies using the Force.com platform as the next largest cloud platform. The AppExchange has helped change the course of business software, changing the way it is consumed forever – the corporate equivalent of downloading  a book from Amazon or an app for your iPhone.

It has also given partners like us the opportunity to deliver leading best of class applications to Salesforce CRM cloud pioneers that have helped establish the platform. Entrepreneurs and small businesses now have opportunities for growth that didn’t exist before. Accessible and affordable technology, on a single platform, that is helping them develop their own business and service models at a rapid rate while supporting the venture as it grows. It’s exciting to watch and for most, would have been prohibitive with on-premise software. As the Facebook generation become our business leaders, they will bring new ideas and operational strategies to the fore that have never been considered before but that cloud technology has enabled.

FinancialForce.com customer All Traffic Solutions is a case in point and Scott Johnson, co-founder has some interesting views. All traffic has not only moved all of its core business systems to the cloud, but rebuilt its entire product line to take advantage of cloud and Force.com. He makes some interesting observations: “…the cost efficiencies will drive the initial wave of transition to cloud, but these adopters will learn how to internalize the speed, efficiency and visibility possible with this model and most importantly begin to apply it to their broader business strategy.  Exposure to this model will change our expectations for how we should be interacting with our customers, products, services and staff.  The phase I think we’re in right now, where more organizations are simply gaining exposure, is the prerequisite for igniting the burst of innovation we’ve been told to expect.”

Force.com and the AppExchange can take a lot of the credit, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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