See the app that makes revenue recognition easy

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See the app that makes revenue recognition easy

If a board member asked you “What is the revenue forecast for the next nine months?” could you answer with confidence? What if you were audited for ASC 606 or IFRS 15 compliance next month could you pass? Many in finance will agree that the revenue recognition and forecasting process can be painful on a good day. And as the types of revenue models multiply within a single business – product-based, subscriptions, services, SaaS, usage-based contracts and any combination thereof – it doesn’t get any easier. 

 In this short video, you’ll see how a simple, yet powerful cloud revenue management application, built on the Salesforce Platform gives you a complete, real-time picture of your company’s revenue, supports multiple revenue scenarios, automates recognition calculations and helps you adhere to the ever-evolving revenue recognition standards.  

Since using FinancialForce Revenue Recognition & Forecasting companies like himagine have experienced an 80% in revenue recognition processing time. Tara Triola, Director of Finance Operations for hiimagine says,

What used to take a half of day with lots of spreadsheets and manual journal entries is now a 30- to 45-minute automated process.”  

When it comes to forecasting, the results have been just as impressive.

“Our team can derive revenue forecasting with both recognized and projected values on a weekly basis, allowing team to make key business decisions on current, accurate information. They also have the ability to track financials against goals and adjust if running off course.”

Compliance has been made easy as well. 

“Having an automated, comprehensive solution makes it easy for himagine to comply with mandated revenue recognition rules and stay HIPAA compliant, in an industry with ever-changing standards.”

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