The 7 types of Dreamforce attendees – are you on the list?

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The 7 types of Dreamforce attendees – are you on the list?

Dreamforce is the largest IT tradeshow in the world, so it’s bound to bring quite an eclectic crew. If you are going to this amazing event, take a shot at figuring out which type attendee you think you’ll be (or want to be) this year.  And even if you are not going to the show, take a look as well for future reference.

popcornjimmy1.) The star-seeker:

They will hit SF guns blazing.  These attendees are out to find career-changing strategies guaranteed to make them look like a star.  Whether in development, a sys admin, business management or what – they want knowledge, innovation and secret weapons. They’ll be the ones in the front row for each session and they won’t be satisfied until they fill an entire notebook.  Find them at sessions asking the most questions or the expo hall looking for the star-making apps.

networkingJIMMY2.) The zealous networker:

These attendees may go home more tired than most! They will hit countless sessions, all the keynotes, networking events, parties, lunches and meetings; and probably blog about it all each night. They are always running late because they are tweeting, instagramming and requesting new LinkedIn connections every chance they can. Their only break is on the floor hooked up to a spare outlet charging their devices. You will see them.


entrepeneurjimmy3.) The entrepreneur: 

It’s no joke. People launch businesses at DF. These guys are busy trying to turn four days of product pitching, fund seeking, schmoozing into a startup. And they know Dreamforce is filled with some of the wisest, most innovative leaders that just may “bite.”  But this crew may be the hardest to spot – either wearing some irreverently sloganed T-shirt or fully decked in a 3 piece suit. You’ll have to listen for the pitch.


jimmyjobsearch4.) The job-seeker:

The secret is out – the Salesforce1 Platform is the hottest thing around. Top businesses and apps are built on it. The best developers are coding for it. Job seekers want to jump into this market and they will be cruising the expo floor, sessions and parties asking questions, giving their personal pitch, and smiling… a lot.


jimmyguitar5.) The mind-blowing thought-leader: 

You won’t miss them. They will be doing keynotes, leading talks, hosting the best parties, hanging with top analysts, running press conferences and living the Dream(Force). I think you’ll spot a few: Marc Benioff,  Satya Nadella, Jessica Alba, Susan Wojcicki, Rick Welts, Chuck Robbins, Goldie Hawn, Dave Kirkpatrick and I barely touched the surface.


jimmySHOPPING6.) The Xmas shopper:

These attendees are coming in hot on Day One Expo for the best goods. They are heading out hot on Day Four with everything that’s left. With Dreamforce comes hundreds of exhibitors. With hundreds of exhibitors comes hundreds of awesome giveaways. Don’t feel bad if you are a Xmas shopper, you can combine it with any of the other types we’ve listed here as well! You won’t be the only one.


partyJIMMY7.) The partier:

Finally, we’ve reached the inevitable. You know, the person who rages at all the parties, dances with everyone at the concert and takes full advantage of every free drink. They’re the last to arrive to the morning sessions and the first to head for the exit, stopping by the nearest bar. It’s fair to say that when done appropriately, this attendee could be paired to any attendee type above too. Just sayin’.


Any of these sound familiar? Are we missing anyone from the list? Let us know what other types of Dreamforce attendees to watch out for this year!





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