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Thank you for voting us the leader in PSA

With the new year officially here, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our successes in 2017 that came as a result of your support. Thanks to you—our dedicated customers and partners—third-party analyst firms and organizations routinely cited FinancialForce as the leading provider of professional services automation (PSA). 

In addition to validation from top analyst firms like IDC, many technology buyers look to reviews from real software users amongst their peers to inform their technology investments. On G2 Crowd, one of the highly trusted peer-to-peer review platforms for business software and services, FinancialForce consistently ranks as one of the leading solutions for PSA. In the latest G2 Crowd report, FinancialForce ranks #1 in customer satisfaction for the enterprise.

IDC — FinancialForce is a Leader —

In its 2017 MarketScape of SaaS and cloud-enabled PSA ERP applications, IDC recognizes that digital transformation has driven businesses to make adoption of agile ERP systems an enterprise-wide, board-level commitment. Moreover, the rise of the new services economy has made it increasingly important for businesses to adopt PSA solutions that go beyond goods to support consulting, contracting, software, and other services. And that's one of the critical reasons why IDC rated FinancialForce a Leader in the market.

From the report:

Because FinancialForce is built on top of the Salesforce platform, it benefits from innovations that Salesforce releases, such as Einstein Intelligence, Wave Analytics, and the Lightning user interface. This is a clear benefit for FinancialForce because it brings capabilities to the product a small software company typically cannot do. FinancialForce has adopted a "clicks, not code" approach to its user interface, designing its applications so that line-of-business (LOB) users can configure the layout of their applications and dashboards without the need of a programmer.

SPI — Salesforce plus FinancialForce improves sales and servicesDownload the report

We often speak of people, projects, and technology solutions working "better together," but nowhere is this more true than when you combine customer relationship management (CRM) with professional services automation (PSA). In its whitepaper Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PSA: Better Together based on the 2017 PS Maturity Benchmark, Service Performance Insight (SPI) digs into the data to figure out exactly how combining these two solutions allows organizations to see higher year-over-year growth, increase revenue from new clients, and more.

From the report:

Organizations using Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PSA are more satisfied with both the CRM and PSA application. They are able to manage more clients and projects, often with minimal additional administrative staff. They have larger sales pipelines and backlog which enhance the organization’s ability to achieve its revenue and margin targets.

TSIA — FinancialForce is the top installed PSA solution —

When looking to invest in new technology or services, many companies look to the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) for advice and recommendations. The first question every organization has: “What are other TSIA members using for this?” In its 2017 report, Top Installed Products by TSIA Members, this question is answered for every category from communities and collaboration to CRM and PSA.

Once again, TSIA found that FinancialForce PSA has the largest market share among member companies. Used by 20% of member companies, FinancialForce beat out a dozen other competitors, including Oracle and NetSuite.

Thanks to incredible work with our customers and partners, we look forward to remaining the #1 PSA solution in 2018 and continuing to make you wildly successful. Check out this webinar recording on what we're doing in the PSA market for 2018.

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