#TBT a glance back (and forward) at FinancialForce.com

#TBT a glance back (and forward) at FinancialForce.com

2009 wasn’t that long ago, but for FinancialForce.com the *then and now* is quite dramatic. In just under five years, FinancialForce.com has gone from a handful of employees in 2009, to 250+ in 2014 with plans for many more (we’re hiring)!  In 2009 we had an office in San Mateo, CA and one in Harrogate in the UK. Now we have them in San Francisco, Manchester, NH, Harrogate, UK, as well as Granada (Spain) and Ontario (Canada). In 2009, we had one app on the AppExchange, FinancialForce Accounting. As of now, we have 12 apps and counting on the AppExchange, that together make up FinancialForce ERP at Customer Speed. In 2009, we knew we were a cool place to work, but now  in 2014, Forbes validates it and names us the #1 cloud company to work for with the highest rated CEO Jeremy Roche. I could go on and on about then and now, but regardless of what year we’re in, we’re all about making visions happen. We’re true believers in the power of the cloud and how it’s changing the way the world does business. And we’re building apps that impact lives everyday.

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