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The tools it takes to be a leading Professional Services Organization

Project-based, people-centric services businesses have become the world economy’s growth engine. To continue growing, these professional services organizations need an automation tool to successfully and efficiently run their business.

In fact, the selection of a professional services automation (PSA) solution is one of the most important investment decisions most organizations will make.

Not only do these tools automate core processes like resource management, time capture and billing, but they provide real-time visibility organizations need to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. And yet, according to Service Performance Insight’s (SPI Research) extensive service economy research, 30% of more than 1,500 organizations surveyed have not yet invested in a PSA solution.  Does that sound as crazy to you as it does to us?

SPI Research is a global research, consulting and training organization dedicated to helping professional service organizations make improvements in profit and productivity. Because they know the importance of professional services automation tools, they have developed a PSA Buyer’s guide to help professional services organizations find the right PSA tool for their business.

Leading Professional Services Organizations
The fruitful results of PSA implementation

The report is full of important trends, business processes and a step-by-step PSA selection guide. You’ll also learn about the many benefits achieved by organizations that implement Professional Services Auomtation. Gain new levels of insight, management and control with this comprehensive PSA buyers guide.

Leading Professional Services Organization

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