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Get More Social, Don't Just Send Job Invitations

Are your apps social enough? When it comes to recruiting, going the social route has never been more important but it’s not just about posting a listing on a job board, sending job invitations or tweeting out an opportunity. To help hit growth targets, your organization must improve its overall recruitment process by getting more social and more automated.

We know what you want and we delivered it. With the latest release of FinancialForce HCM, now as a recruiter, you can access even the most passive candidates who don’t actively visit job boards or career sites.  You simply check a box in our recruiting module, and a job posting can be cascaded out to your employees’ personal social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). The best part? Employees are in the know and can track exactly which of their friends/followers/contacts are applying for which job, which social network they came from, and what stage that referral is in the recruiting process. job invitations

This is more than a job invitation. We know your time is valuable.  Your HR teams need to work closely together and with the unified FinancialForce HCM system, we make sure data seamlessly flows from one module to another without you having to import new data.  Candidates can submit their resumes or leverage their LinkedIn profiles to apply for your positions. And all of this information is captured and stored against their candidate record.

Unlike other job invitation solutions, our HCM solution does not require you to create cumbersome interfaces or waste valuable time by doing duplicate data entry into other systems.  When you have found your successful candidate, you can send them an offer letter to sign electronically. Once signed, it takes one click to transfer their information seamlessly from their application to their new employee record. It’s that simple – no additional data entry, no transferring of paperwork, no toggling between interfaces.

Looking for real insight? Using our HCM reports and dashboards, you can quickly understand the exact source of your top talent. Because FinancialForce HCM is a unified solution, you’ll have access to recruiting data, core HR management data, performance data and much more.  Simple job invitation software or other niche recruiting systems just can not give you that complete visibility to all of your HR data.

With FinancialForce HCM’s real-time reporting and analytics, you can track the source of your talent and visually understand how they perform in your organization. To learn more about what it takes to reduce the total cost of ownership of your HR systems, have a look at our website and contact us.
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