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Survey Results: Is your business living in a “Crowded Cloud?”

Recently, analysts Esteban Kolsky of thinkJar and Denis Pombriant of Beagle Research Group conducted a cloud strategy survey to get at the heart of enterprise cloud application adoption as well as to identify some of the challenges companies face with their deployment. So what did we learn?

You may recall a term we spotlighted last year called “ERP Frankencloud,” AKA the data silos and disparate processes that occur when companies stitch together various cloud applications to run their business. We all could guesstimate that many businesses’ cloud apps are not on one platform, but the report uncovered much more than that.

Most surprising to us was that cloud adoption is slow and still very much in its early stages. And not only that, but selecting apps with a one-platform approach is not prominent. If you add up the numbers in the survey, over 85 percent of companies are using two or more cloud applications to run their business – most use even more! As the research corroborates, many companies have a long way to go before they fully and strategically embrace the cloud for a wide variety of issues like budget constraints, accessibility, lack of cross-departmental collaboration and more.

Alternatively, the survey exposes a huge opportunity for growth in improved business outcomes as a result of strategic cloud adoption. 54% of respondents in the survey said they already see the benefits of cloud applications, noting that they have “improved the quality of management information within their organization.” Others reported that overall customer service also increased because of cloud apps.

One thing is clear. The era of cloud adoption has come, but more work needs to be done to educate and innovate on the benefits that cloud applications can bring. Just imagine what can be achieved in the future if business challenges are reduced with the right cloud strategy?

Want to see all research findings and analysis? Download the full report here.

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