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Striking a Nerve: Accounting, Social, and the Hottest Topic in the Enterprise

In February last year, Forbes published my thoughts about the role social networking needed to start playing in the finance department, “#Accounting: Why Finance Teams Need to Get Social.” It was meant as a wake-up call to finance and accounting teams who were next to last in adopting social tools according to an industry survey, beating only the maintenance department! Generally the article was received well, and it helped many people see a vision for what could be. Fast forward one year, and “#Accounting” is now one of the most popular articles currently on I think there’s something very significant to take from this sudden attention. I believe something has finally clicked with the finance and accounting community on considering the role of social in the enterprise. The interest from readers aligns with what we are seeing and hearing from customers and prospects. Social presents a very powerful opportunity for accounting and finance teams to evolve their role in the business. As I said in the article, “Enterprise social media technologies can offer accounting and finance teams a better way to become more relevant, more involved, and a trusted advisor to the rest of the business.” If the attention this article is generating is any indication, 2013 is the year that the finance department joins the social enterprise and we plan to actively lead this wave of change.
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