Still spooked by the cloud? 5 reasons to stop being scared and embrace it

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Still spooked by the cloud? 5 reasons to stop being scared and embrace it

Halloween is creeping closer, and while you may never stop flinching at the sight of your neighbor’s spooky zombie statue every morning, there are some misconceptions that we need to lay to rest. For those of you who have yet to bring your business applications to the cloud, what are you still scared of?

To help you out of the dark and into the cloud, here are 5 reasons to stop being scared and embrace it:

1. Cloud ERP applications are just as secure as on-premise solutions.
Cloud ERP vendors encrypt your information and comply with industry-standard audits, like the Service Organization Control 1 (SOC 1) Type II report that has invested in, plus the reports and certifications of the underlying platform provided by Both companies have invested in a world-class cloud infrastructure and rigorous application control procedures. Learn more about security.

2. You will have access to more accurate reporting and automated processes.
You know what’s scary? Spreadsheets. Those countless hours staring into the abyss of numbers and cells can spook anyone. Even scarier? Inaccurate, outdated information. Moving your business applications to the cloud immediately automates a ton of time-consuming processes, ensures accuracy and allows you to get shared reporting and analytics that span your entire business, in real-time. This case study with Seagate shows what happened after they moved their billing processes to the cloud with FinancialForce Billing.

3. Mobility and accessibility for remote employees is possible with cloud ERP applications.
Using cloud applications for your business opens the door for new possibilities, expands your reach and allows you to accommodate your talent. With single sign-on for different business functions, your employees will be able to access the tools and data they need when they need it.

4. Quick implementation, easy configurations, faster updates and turn-key scalability for your growing business.
Applications built on the cloud have the ability to grow with your company, especially with the flexibility of anywhere, anytime access. Plus, don’t you want to receive software updates as they happen?

5. The ability to run your business on one system, breaking down silos and getting rid of disparate systems. 
Losing time and information when entering data into multiple places? Do you have communication breakdowns between departments? Now THAT is spooky. Imagine the benefits of keeping your organization’s finances close to the customer-facing business transactions. This is possible when your applications run on one cloud platform. With the cloud, your front and back office can be seamlessly integrated and in sync.

Check out the 5 reasons you want one cloud platform to run your business.

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