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Still Dreaming about Dreamforce?

Now that Dreamforce is over, do you miss having thousands of Salesforce groupies and evangelists surrounding you, chatting you up on the next killer app or customization? Still want to tell the person next to you about that cool custom object you’ve just built or what you plan on doing now that Salesforce1 is out? If you are like me and many other Salesforce users out there, you’re already excited for DF14. But don’t worry, salesforce.com has many smaller (but still as awesome) events in a city near you. From Customer Company Tours, to Salesforce Essentials to local user groups, these events are a great way to meet Force.com partners and other SFDC users, where you can network, learn about cool apps and share your tips & tricks on how to get the most out of the Salesforce platform. Find a salesforce.com event near you in December, check out: Salesforce Essentials Chicago – Dec 10 Salesforce Essentials Ottawa – Dec 10 Salesforce User Group Nebraska – Dec 11 Salesforce Essentials Raleigh – Dec 11 Salesforce Essentials D.C – Dec 12
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