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Spring '12 has Sprung!

It’s a big day for as we get to talk publicly about our latest product releases. The press releases provide the detail, but below I have detailed some of the highlights along with some screenshots to help illustrate the point. The Accounting release includes two major enhancements:
  • FinancialForce Reporting, which is designed to simplify reporting and add deeper analytical capabilities while harnessing the power of crowd sourcing to develop reports.
  • FinancialForce ClickLink™, a tool which allows users to quickly create tight integration with other applications that leverage the platform from, without coding.
See Dennis Howlett’s take on the new reporting features including ReportExchange. He says: “Apart from the much needed ability to create static reports of the kind that are necessary for monthly report packs, the ability to mix data from both finance and CRM solutions means FinancialForce can provide real-time line of business operational information. That is a big deal. Having the ability to access information that explains the impact of on-the-ground actions on financial condition is exactly the kind of information LOB managers need.”

FinancialForce Reporting

Report Exchange – Cloud Sourced Reporting

We’re also very proud of the new ClickLink tool which enables quick and simple integration of apps without any programming. Benefits include:
  • The ability for users to link objects by simply clicking source and target object fields.
  • Automatically engages the API, ensuring data integrity.
  • Users can easily add integration logic and perform data transformations using native capabilities such as custom formula fields.
  • Users can link custom apps or packaged apps to apps.
  • “Buttonise” ClickLink™ rules to perform integrations one at a time or run them on a schedule.
  • Supports Accounting, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Billing and Media Billing applications.
With the PSA release, we’ve focused on developing project communities and improving collaboration among services teams. We have done this in a number of ways including the new task management system that enables PS firms to securely extend project and task management capabilities to virtual teams and customers. The project community can access and update task information from anywhere at any time via a community portal. We’ve added new utilization methods and the ability for managers to tailor utilization calculations and budgets to better predict future utilization attainment. We think this is huge for professional services fimrs as utilization is the key indicator to determine billings, profitability, team goals and employee compensation. And finally, we’ve added a new mobile app, FinancialForce Timecards for Android. As project management is inherently social, we want to make it easy for virtual teams to collaborate, and along with our built-in Chatter integration, Spring ’12 takes us another step toward achieving our goal.
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