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Spooky business stories: How to avoid an ERP FrankenCloud this Halloween

Getting stuck in a house of horrors is everyone’s worst nightmare, especially if this house of horrors is your daily disconnected & tangled business processes. Unfortunately, in the quest to add on tons of cloud applications built on different cloud platforms with different databases, businesses are getting caught in these situations that are tough to get out of. By selecting apps running on separate databases with different user interfaces and security models they are creating a monster; a FrankenCloud.

How bad is this?

  • Disconnected systems & painful integrations
  • Teams not working together across departments
  • Horrific reporting or wasted money on 3rd party BI tools
  • Poor sharing of information
  • No single source of truth for customer records
  • Lack of seamless workflow and standardized business processes
  • Inefficiencies galore…

Below, these real-life business horror stories will explain exactly what can happen when you get stuck in the haunted house that is ERP FrankenCloud. These monstrous cloud systems can create nightmares for your business.


The guiding light of course is that these cloud users decided to turn things around with FinancialForce Cloud ERP apps built all on the Salesforce platform. With FinancialForce they have not only killed a monster but they have a single platform ERP that means one reporting engine, a single database to update, One UI/One log-in, easy sharing of information and better business decisions.

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