SPI Webinar Recap: Mission critical technologies for growing service businesses

SPI Webinar Recap: Mission critical technologies for growing service businesses

Polina Polishchuk
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Running a growing service organization by spreadsheet is not a good strategy. Jeanne Urich – Managing Director at Service Performance Insight (SPI) – agrees, and with their 2014 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Report, SPI has the data to back it up.

In the webinar, “Mission Critical Technologies for Growing Service Businesses,” SPI joins forces with Doug Tilley, GM of PSA Applications at FinancialForce.com, to look at important industry trends and statistics that clearly show how FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) customers outperform other organizations in the industry that haven’t invested in a PSA solution. 238 professional service organizations, representing over 60,000 consultants worldwide, participated in the report. The study compares organizations with three different types of implementation: those without a CRM solution, those with Salesforce CRM but no PSA integration and those with Salesforce CRM with FinancialForce PSA integration. growing service businesses Companies with Salesforce CRM combined with FinancialForce PSA experienced superior improvements in every category:
  • Revenue and headcount growth
  • Sales effectiveness improvements
  • Workforce improvements
  • Project performance improvements
The data is clear, and Jeanne Urich of SPI goes so far as to say that “a PSA solution is almost mandatory for organizations of 10 consultants or higher.” Consultants are the engine of growth in the service industry. Not only does PSA help service organizations lower attrition and provide talent with more visibility into the work at hand, but it bridges together what your organization is selling with what it’s delivering. There is nothing more irritating for a client than having to hear the same questions from the delivery team that were asked in the sales cycle. The sooner your service team is part of the sales cycle, the happier your customers will be! Watch the full webinar to learn how FinancialForce PSA can help improve your services organization.

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