SPI Research: integrating Salesforce CRM & FinancialForce PSA is the “winning combination”

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SPI Research: integrating Salesforce CRM & FinancialForce PSA is the “winning combination”

Whether you work in the Professional Services (PS) industry or not, there is no denying that it has grown into a global economic force, existing and expanding within companies of all shapes and sizes. Fueling this growth over the last decade has been the increased adoption of technologies like Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to manage contacts and streamline sales as well as Professional Services Automation solutions to improve project management insight and service delivery lifecycle.

Unfortunately, many organizations still operate sales and services separately, with CRM and PSA data removed from each other, which can result in disconnected departments and potential mismanaged projects and client information. While many businesses have deployed CRM and PSA separately, there is a new report released from Service Performance Insight (SPI) Research that highlights the importance and benefits of integrating both solutions.

Specifically, this study reveals how the integration of Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PSA on one platform proves to be a winning combination for PS executives, sales and service team members. SPI Research analysis showed that PSOs using Salesforce CRM in combination with FinancialForce PSA “not only improved in client relationship management, but also in service execution and finance and operations.”

SPI also outlines several key profits of integration for all users, including:

  • Executives: managers gain access to real-time project cost, budget, and revenue information that enables them to quickly answer vital project and revenue-based questions.
  • Sales teams: CRM and PSA integration connects sales team members to project execution teams. Sales team members gain access to client and project summary information that helps them understand a client’s current status and whether there are new sales opportunities to pursue
  • Service teams: service team members are able to plan and prepare for upcoming projects and collaborate more effectively with the sales team on new opportunities and existing client engagements

Interested in learning more? Download the full SPI Research report here for further best practices, key performance indicators and CRM + PSA integration recommendations.


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