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Solving billing and revenue challenges for the "Everything as a Service" economy

It’s no surprise that with new business models come new billing and revenue challenges. Businesses across different industries have embraced the new trend replacing traditional one-time transactions with subscription-based, usage-based and project-based monetization – often called the “Everything-as-a-Service” model.

In technology analyst firm’s, Blue Hill Research’s, newest strategy report, Chief Research Officer Hyoun Park outlines key challenges and trends associated with supporting these business models.

To put it in a high level view, companies pursuing these new revenue models need to consider three business categories before going full-bore: Technology, Customer Service and Finance. In the latest report, Blue Hill Research dives into why each of these categories may pose challenges and how to effectively monetize the new strategy.

Blue Hill strongly believes that any company moving to a subscription, usage, tiering, or other complex pricing structure must choose solutions that effectively support not only quote-to-cash, but cash-to-service delivery, and service-to-renewal delivery.

That’s where FinancialForce Billing Central comes in.

“Blue Hill Research recommends that Salesforce customers strongly consider FinancialForce as an integrated business platform to support key automation functionalities across billing, revenue recognition, contracts, and renewals.”

In the full report, you will find:

  • A roadmap/guidance to support subscription, usage, and non-standard business models
  • The real value of unifying billing, contracts, revenue and service capabilities
  • When and how to evaluate appropriate billing and revenue recognition solutions
  • Benefits FinancialForce Billing Central offers to enterprises in the Salesforce ecosystem

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