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So whats the most awesome thing about Salesforce Aura?

So as if Salesforce developing a brand new HTML5 rich client UI technology for its applications and platform developers, namely Aura, was not awesome enough! How they are doing it and who they are inviting to do it with them is! It’s you! For the first time a future feature of the platform is being put out there for the community to trial and contribute to via a repository on You can download it, play with it, learn about it, and if there is a bug or some great idea you think it should have, contribute it back. Eventually Salesforce will provide the runtime of this UI technology directly in a release of the platform in the not too distant future. This will be based on the contributions made by the community. It’s a unique opportunity to get requirements into a platform feature, you don’t have to get on the pilot program or raise an Idea. You implement it, submit it through Github and if meets the general design and quality of what they are looking for there is a good chance you’ll have directly helped shape part of a key feature of the platform. If you are passionate about building rich user experiences for mobile or web you have to take a look what is already a compelling framework from Salesforce. I’m personally so pleased to be working with a technology partner that is not only innovative in what it delivers, but also in how they deliver it! Roll on more platform features delivered this way is what I say!
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