Smart ways to navigate HR technology (and the top 5 mistakes HR makes)

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Smart ways to navigate HR technology (and the top 5 mistakes HR makes)

Human resources is undergoing major change driven by the introduction and adoption of new technology. Employee engagement remains key and pressures on HR to demonstrate value and support business strategy have increased.

Josh Bersin, analyst for Deloitte comments that the major trend for this year is that almost everything we’ve done traditionally in HR has to be adjusted or re-engineered. The younger, more mobile, more agile workforce and workplace we now live in demands new approaches. HR technology can help organisations make these changes and provide a more rewarding and engaging environment for employees. He cites winning technology vendors as those who embrace this new world, delivering products that feel like consumer apps, yet have data analysis, network integration and compelling user experiences. He comments that HR technology can add value every day and its value is going up rapidly, leading it to become one of the company’s most important tools for talent management, strategic decision-making and overall company success.

HR technology can help teams meet their goals and drive success, but how do you evaluate which is best for you?

Firstly, let’s look at common mistakes. The top 5 mistakes HR makes when selecting technology are:

  1. Failure to look at the bigger picture
  2. Not understanding the future state of their organisation
  3. Deploying solutions not built for today’s workforce
  4. Investing in on-premise software because of a lack of trust in the cloud
  5. Automating existing, ineffective practices instead of retooling for more sound processes

Human Resources departments should be looking to simplify, not complicate, and provide value, not just generate extra cost. The smartest, easiest way to do this is to look for a unified Human Capital Management (HCM) solution which can be used from ‘hire’ to ‘retire’. delivers a complete HCM solution on the cloud supporting the entire HR spectrum – your human resource system of record; Recruiting, Onboarding, Talent Management, Benefits, and Time & Attendance.

To find how to navigate the world of HR technology and choose the right solution for you, is hosting a live webinar on Tuesday 18th August at 3-4pm UK time. Join Charles Ashworth, VP Employee Success at and Jon Clark, Director Strategic Services EMEA at global sales, HR and finance solutions consultancy, Open Symmetry (also a customer and partner of ours) who will discuss:

  • Which HR Trends will help you define future needs
  • A best practice approach for mapping out current capabilities
  • How to make a business case and demonstrate ROI
  • The key things to evaluate when selecting a solution

So what are you waiting for? Register for the free webinar here

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