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Should you change your ERP? [Infographic]

If you’re reading this, you most likely interact with your company’s ERP system or some other business app within your organization. But how often do you take a step back and examine whether these ERP apps could be better? How often do you find yourself struggling with building reports or entering data in multiple places? Or maybe you are the one dealing with workflow issues thanks to clunky integrations?

When it comes to ERP systems, no two ERP suites are the same. Some suites are limited to a single process/functional area. Some suites live on a single cloud. Some live on multiple clouds. Some suites look functionally complete yet the underlying technology is completely out of date. Some suites are not so sweet.

As a solution to your ERP woes, we’ve developed a flow chart to help you out with the burning question, “Should you change your ERP?”  We hope it helps.

Click on infographic to enlargeShould You Change Your ERP?

Want to learn more about selecting the right Cloud ERP system for your business needs? Download the Cloud ERP buyer’s guide from Vital Analysis.

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