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How Seagate saves time and money with cloud billing software – case study

Like most organizations, customer service is probably the single most important part of your business. Not only will it impact your bottom line, it can also influence your company’s reputation, credibility and your customers’ satisfaction.

In this short customer case study video, discover how Seagate, a global leader in data storage solutions, adopted a cloud billing solution to help save them time and money, allowing a renewed focus on superior customer service.

Seagate offers an extensive line of data storage products for consumers and businesses, along with data–recovery services for any brand of hard drive and digital media type. Their newly acquired recovery service business had spent so much time on RevRec collection of funds historically that they didn’t have the resources to do as good a job on the customer service side. Because they use Salesforce as their CRM, they needed a billing solution that integrated seamlessly into their process. The tight integration allowed them to keep their finances close to their business transactions, resulting in:

  1. Billing processes are now fully automated and recorded back to master ledger
  2. 30% cost savings now realized thanks to Billing/CRM integration
  3. Average “time to dollar” reduced from 42 days to 14
  4. Now finishing period close in less than 5 days, down from 11 days
  5. Can now recognize revenue on an accrual basis instead of cash basis
  6. Compliance made easy with controls built into the system
  7. Built-in reports for big-picture or day-to-day leading to smarter business decisions

Learn more about Seagate’s story with cloud billing in this short video case study

Seagate case study

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