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How does SAVO keep their consulting business in top shape?

SAVO sales enablement technology is built on the belief that something important happens at the point of human connection. And the SAVO consulting team is a huge piece in enabling that for Savo customers.  But the consulting team was challenged with inefficient processes, project visibility, and staffing issues. They weren’t getting the end results they wanted. The problem? They were using a system that could not deliver the information they need when they need it.

SAVO needed to make a change and drive the consulting business forward. One that would also support Savo’s initiative to run every department in an agile fashion. And that change was FinancialForce PSA.

“With FinancialForce PSA, we’ll be able to support the business from whatever comes down the road for us. PSA is a software that’s going to take us where we want to grow.” – Jessica Brandenburg, Program Manager


An easy decision

FinancialForce PSA fit the bill in more ways than one. It is built on the Salesforce platform and offers the flexibility that the other vendors did not have. SAVO is able to manage their people, customers, projects in one integrated services management application.

They now have deep visibility into opportunities, resource demand; start dates; customer interactions; active projects; issues and risks; billing details  – all in a single view of the customer for all stakeholders. They have insights they never had before across projects, resources and financials.

“We used to have a weekly staffing meeting that would chew up too many people and hours to wade through all of our staffing needs. PSA allows us to cut that meeting to a nit now. We probably could eliminate it completely, but we just like hanging out with each other for 15 minutes.” – Nick Camino, VP Consulting, SAVO

Working smarter, not longer

All of SAVO’s teams have benefitted from PSA. It has put an end to various teams wasting time making calls, going through emails and spreadsheets to complete a task.

“With PSA we can do everything a lot faster than we ever had in the past, which is a very big value to me. We have less people focused on managing the minutiae of projects. PSA has given us back time, which is a magic thing compared to what we used to do.” – Nick Camino, VP Consulting, SAVO

FinancialForce also helped SAVO achieve their goal of expanding internationally. SAVO recently expanded to the UK, and plan to move into the EU and other parts of the world over the next couple of years.

But these are just a few nuggets of what FinancialForce PSA has done for SAVO. Hear the whole story from Jessica Brandenburg, SAVO Program Manager, on how you can cut get your consulting business in top shape.  Watch the video above and read the full SAVO story here.

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