Salesforce for HR and FinancialForce HCM

Salesforce for HR and FinancialForce HCM

Salesforce HR
Tom Brennan
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Today, Salesforce introduced Salesforce for HR, an employee success platform that utilizes tools and AppExchange partner apps – like FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) – to bring employees a comprehensive and enjoyable HR experience.

Here at, we’re excited about these new Salesforce for HR offerings because it underlines exactly what we’ve been focused on with FinancialForce HCM since the very beginning: delivering a seamless and social HCM solution for both employees and employers.  We’ve always said that happy customers start with happy employees and today’s news allows FinancialForce HCM users to further leverage the Salesforce1 Platform to deepen that engagement.

The main takeaway here is that HCM on the Salesforce1 Platform is stronger than ever before and utilizing solutions like FinancialForce HCM allow for employees and employers to break down the walls of HR. Now, everyday HR activities such as requesting and approving time-off, logging appraisal feedback and new hire on-boarding steps can be mobile, painless and dare we say, even fun. Here’s how:

  • Platform: With all your company and employee data in one place, all users have access to it anytime, anywhere. There is no more waiting for an answer – it can be pulled up in an instant, on the go from phone, tablet or at your desk.
  • Reporting and Analytics: As every field in Salesforce is reportable, for HR this means all information stored in FinancialForce HCM can provide wide ranging meaningful insights with respect to employee demographics, employee performance review statistics and so on.
  • Employee Onboarding and Resources: FinancialForce HCM utilizes Salesforce content management system to share any files, documents, and presentation as on-boarding tasks. Tax forms or other attachments relevant to an employee can be stored on employee record, while employees can share files through self-service. In addition, HCM can act as an employee call center. Have a question for HR? Log it as you would a customer service call and when you get a response, that conversation will be stored as well.
  • Social Collaboration & Mobile: It’s vital to have a social HR system in order to promote employee engagement, drive adoption, build culture and increase productivity. Through Chatter, employees can form groups and communities to discuss areas of interest and get connected with other employees and answer questions. FinancialForce HCM on Salesforce1 Platform is also completely mobile, so employees have access to HR data, benefits and time-off requests no matter where they might be.

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