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IDC: For Salesforce customers, FinancialForce applications are "too good to pass up"

“Salesforce.com customers that are looking for financial management, ordering and billing, professional services automation, human capital management, or supply chain management solutions should absolutely have FinancialForce.com on their list of products to consider. The investment these companies have already made in salesforce.com is enhanced by choosing to also use FinancialForce.com. The ability to streamline work processes across the front and back offices is just too good to pass up.”

At FinancialForce.com, we believe that the walls between different departments of an organization need to be broken down in order to provide a better customer experience, and International Data Corporation (IDC) agrees. In their report, “FinancialForce.com: It’s Not Just for Accountants Anymore – Introducing FinancialForce ERP,” IDC provides an insightful look into the five products that make up our cloud ERP solution and how we deliver on helping businesses win and retain customers by building natively on the Salesforce1 platform and aligning ERP processes with CRM.

In addition to meeting customer expectations, as seen in our reviews in the Salesforce.com AppExchange marketplace and beyond, IDC also reflects on our company history including our revenue, growing customer base and our beginnings as an early leader in bringing accounting to the cloud. In terms of growth, IDC mentions that 25% of our staff is in research and development, and another large chunk includes customer service, support and success. While we grow with our customers, we are able to consistently bring new features and functionality while ensuring they are supported by our team.

As for IDC’s future outlook on FinancialForce.com, they believe that we will meet the possible challenges recognized in the report, and are on track with embracing the opportunities within the market for enterprise resource management applications (a market that IDC forecasts will reach $57.6 billion by 2017.)

As the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services and events for IT, IDC’s advice is always valuable, and their points for this year continue along this trend. Download the 2014 report to see all of their insights and advice, not just for FinancialForce but for potential buyers as well.

Plus, you’ll find an urban legend about Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce.com, in there too.

Click here to download the entire report.
IDC Profile - FinancialForce.com

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