Running the Great Wall of China Marathon for parents of children with cancer

Running the Great Wall of China Marathon for parents of children with cancer

Anita Gyure
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Anita Gyure is an Employee Success Business Partner based in FinancialForce’s Granada, Spain office. 

I feel very lucky to be working for FinancialForce, a company that supports important social causes and where staff regularly volunteer their time to give back to our communities through FinancialForce4Good. I’ve been working here for more than three years, and it’s now in my veins to seek out ways to help others!

That’s why I am taking on what’s considered one of the hardest marathons on earth—the Great Wall of China Half Marathon—and I’m using this personal challenge to help a very important organization in Spain, AUPA, the Association of Mothers and Parents of Oncological Children. When I started running three years ago, it was very difficult until I was motivated by traveling to new cities and countries for races. Now I have found a whole new level of motivation: using my running to help those in need.  

At the heart of the AUPA organization are parents going through the trauma of having a child with cancer. AUPA’s purpose is to help those families with the many financial, emotional, and travel burdens that come with having a child being treated for this terrible disease. AUPA is also involved in numerous efforts to increase awareness and raise money to help find a cure.

It’s going to be one unique and challenging race on the Great Wall of China with more than 1,000 meters of uneven ground, and I set a goal to complete it within three hours. My greater goal is to raise $5K to donate to AUPA, so if you would like to help me with this challenge and help AUPA, find more information here on my LinkedIn (must be logged in to LinkedIn to access). 


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