R&D Internships at FinancialForce: Join in on the innovation

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R&D Internships at FinancialForce: Join in on the innovation

There is so much to explore in the world of R&D that sometimes the possibilities can be overwhelming. It’s no wonder how many companies are challenged to truly be innovative! Innovation doesn’t automatically happen by simply following your roadmap. A colleague from the wireless communication industry once shared that “when the iPhone first came out, the competition simply tossed their roadmaps out the window”. The point being: while the roadmap is important, it also pays to look down the side streets as you never know what’s going to join (or compete with) you on the highway. Exploring these alternate paths takes investment and practice.

That’s why internships at FinancialForce’s R&D Department are so much fun: we empower interns to follow their own interests in relation to the business. We never know where their explorations will lead, but we know it will be interesting and potentially augment our products or even seed new ones. Just look at some of the amazing things the R&D interns have done at FinancialForce. Take, for instance, past intern Thaniel stroll in the AI lane to see a simple proof of concept with many applications.  And for those who like to get technical, take a look at another past intern Steven Huang’s deep dive across several use cases at how he gets users up and running on our leading PSA solution even before they hit the ground (warning, no weekend techies beyond this point):
Create a project from an API template
Version Service API.

If you would like to learn more and apply for an R&D internship you can do so here. 

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