Ride the Wave for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

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Ride the Wave for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

FinanciaForce is excited to announce Wave for PSA, the first on platform business intelligence solution. Built on Salesforce’s Wave Analytics App, Wave for PSA enables every business user to instantly gain critical information across the entire organization from billings forecast and business optics, to backlog visibility.

Many of our customers already benefit from having complete customer visibility across sales and service by using Salesforce CRM and FinancialForce PSA. FinancialForce Wave for PSA will provide an even deeper level of business intelligence to help make critical decisions with confidence. Services professionals will be able to analyze billing information at the organizational, business unit or project level, in a single, dynamic view, and gain the ability to prescribe actions before anything becomes a problem.

The best part about Wave is it’s looking at information that your team is constantly updating. Whether it’s timecards being submitted, milestones moving, or new projects being created, you’ll be working with the most up to date information. This gives you confidence that the decisions you’re making to drive your business are based on the most up to date information available.

Wave for PSA is the first step to providing business intelligence that encompasses both the CRM and ERP elements of your business. FinancialForce has always helped customers realize the benefits of building their front- and back-office on the Salesforce Platform. Now with Salesforce Wave Analytics, we have a clear roadmap to deliver cloud ERP with on-platform business intelligence.

Read the full press release here.

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