Revolutions, revelations and gratitude – Thank you Dreamforce

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Revolutions, revelations and gratitude – Thank you Dreamforce

Thank You Dreamforce

Can we all agree the Dreamforce 13 energy in San Francisco last week was immeasurable? What a show and we were proud to take part in nearly every aspect of it. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let us give thanks…

1.) to our customers – You participated in our panel sessions, you came to our parties, you gave us great feedback, you rocked our 2nd annual FinancialForce.Community event. You danced your a$$ off. We have the best customers!

2.) to our sponsors – You know who you are, but let me give you a shout out: to IconATG, Ascent for sponsoring our community day; to EchoSign, ClickSoftware, Totango for Revolution; to Steelbrick for Rehab. Collaboration makes everything better.

3.) to attendees – Your enthusiasm for new apps is inspiring. You keep us on our toes, you wear those back office t-shirts with pride, you spread the word. We’ve got your back office!

4.) to press and analysts – Your time, support, coverage and honest feedback in response to our volume of news last week, from the new Revenue Recognition app, our Salesforce1 prototype, to our monumental acquisition news, we enjoyed the opportunity to share with you our big plans for 2014 and hear your insight.  With the multitude of vendor requests you’ve gotten, we appreciate that you’ve chosen to spend the time with us, whether at one of our press events or in the oh-so-memorable ‘plastic bubble room’ in Moscone North.

5.) to Salesforce Partners – We have the best ecosystem there is. We love doing business with you guys…helping bring the Internet of Customers to life. Cheers to so much more on the horizon!

6.) to San Francisco – Rain or shine, you managed the crowds and you charmed the crowds. You give us absolutely everything we need in one spot to host the biggest IT trade show in the world. We know why people leave their hearts in San Francisco.

7.) to – Did you seriously bring 185,000 people to an event? You rock. Well done and we thank you for letting us play such a big role. You helped us make the Back Office Revolution a reality.

8.) to staff – No crew has ever worked harder to make an event so phenomenal. Where do I start?

9.) to managment team – Could any team pull off two acquisitions, 2 product launches, a Customer Day, loads of sales meetings, press conferences, analyst chats, sessions, panels, moderating, and co-Deejaying. Impressive team.

10.) to caffeine and alcohol – needs no explanation.
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