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Reasons to be cheerful in 2017

First of all apologies to any readers who have stumbled onto this blog hoping for an appreciation of the Ian Dury and the Blockheads classic single released in July 1979 . I certainly share your taste in last century English rock and here’s that Reasons to be Cheerful. Now for our other readers, I’ll move onto mine.

Technology for bad

Given the turbulent political events of 2016 I was certainly ready for the holiday break. I was delighted to visit family and friends and grateful to find quiet time to reflect on a year at times dominated by political bitterness, anger and animosity. It was a year filled with countless events of cloud technology being used and abused for lack of a better word – bad. But that’s for another blog.

Technology for good

Fortunately, my reflections on 2016 also include some highly inspirational examples of cloud services being used for the clear benefit of society and individuals in need.  One of the early promises of cloud technology was that it would democratize IT, giving organizations of all sizes the computing capability and technical innovation previously only available to the largest of corporations.  I’m happy to report this promise is now becoming true and some of the best examples I saw in 2016 were in nonprofit organizations using the Salesforce platform and AppExchange apps to maximize the impact of their respective missions. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Interlochen Center for the Arts is a magical place, a creative institution where thousands of artists and arts patrons come to experience world-class educational and cultural opportunities. Interlochen is dedicated to the promotion of world friendship through the universal language of the arts. Watch below to see how Interlochen uses FinancialForce HCM to be successful. To learn more, read their full case study here
  • Camfed, an international non-profit organization, supports marginalized girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school, succeed, and lead. Since 1993, Camfed has directly supported over 1.4 million students to go to school, and more than 3.5 million children in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi have benefitted from an improved learning environment. Watch below and read the full case study to see how Camfed use FinancialForce Accounting to save time, work smarter and be more responsive to donors and better serve their beneficiaries. 

Learn how you can accelerate your mission. Download “Your essential guide to running a nonprofit.”

And if the Ian Dury fans are still reading then, for the record, my favorite Blockheads track has to be “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.

Happy New Year!

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