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FinancialForce4Good ramps up fundraising efforts with ‘You’re Inspired’ activities

We have one month here at FinancialForce UK to do all we can for our local charity St.Michael’s Hospice, as we participate again in its ‘You’re Inspired’ campaign. This sees local Harrogate businesses face off against each other to raise as much money as possible for its great work throughout October!  

St Michael’s Hospice strives to enhance local standards in end of life care, reach more people, and improve the lives of as many families as possibly affected by cancer or other terminal illnesses.  Here’s what we have going on to support the cause. 

Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

We have 30+ employees heading to the hills this Thursday to attempt to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in just 12 hours. This is no mean feat! It involves 3 large hills, 24 miles of walking and 5200 feet of climbing.

Our walkers have been taking part in various practice sessions amidst ‘Yorkshire Sunshine’ (in other words, RAIN aplenty). They’ve already experienced being drenched head to toe and ankle deep in mud while completing the 20 mile Harrogate Ringway walk. Another practice walk covered 15 miles of hiking around the valleys of Wharfedale and Littondale where most slipped or got their feet stuck in bog!

Please help support the great cause and spur our walkers on through donating here.

Battle of the Eggsecutives

The ‘Battle of the Eggsecutives’ charity event took place on Wednesday 4th October. Staff gathered in droves to watch the execs smash eggs on their faces! Staff placed charity bets to support the exec they thought would win each round and escape getting raw egg on their face. So how did this battle work?  Egg roulette, that’s how.

In the first round, there were eight executives battling against each other. They each selected an egg from a basket of eight eggs — seven hard-boiled and one not. On the count of three they each smashed the egg on their head. The executive with egg on his face was then eliminated from the game. The rounds continue until there is one winner who has escaped egg on his face!

Congratulations to our winner – John Moss, the Senior Vice President, and General Council! A close second was Fred Studer, Chief Marketing Officer and in third place was Gordy Brooks our Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer.

A huge thank you to all the Eggsecs who took part. They were fantastic sports and it was all good fun for a great cause. A huge thank you to those who doubled the bets placed on them!!

All sorts of other fun activities

Not content with this, the FinancialForce Harrogate office has organised a whole host of other events and activities to raise funds. We’ve already had a cake bake sale. There’s an upcoming pub quiz, a local fashion show, a FIFA and ping pong tournament, a virtual reality Superhot challenge, some special Halloween antics and our Employee Success team has formed a glam squad to offer a weekly nail salon service. We also have a virtual running club encouraging participation across all global FinancialForce teams. As you can see a lot going on for St. Michael’s Hospice!

Please support the amazing cause and make all of this hard work worthwhile through donating—and in case you missed it earlier, the link is here.

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