Q&A with Raphael Bres, GM of Financial Management Apps at FinancialForce.com

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Q&A with Raphael Bres, GM of Financial Management Apps at FinancialForce.com

By now, you’ve probably heard the news that Raphael Bres has joined FinancialForce.com as our new General Manager of Financial Management. I had the pleasure of speaking with Raphael about his first impressions of the company and his vision for the Financial Management family of products.

1) Hi Raphael, welcome to the FinancialForce.com family. You’ve been here just a little over a week. What are your impressions so far? And what drew you to FinancialForce.com?   

Thank you. I am very excited to be here! Onboarding has been great so far. Everyone has been very welcoming. For me, this is an opportunity to be part of the team that is shaping the future of cloud business applications! I love and share the spirit of FinancialForce.com– the energy, passion, culture and the aspiration to become a leading cloud applications vendor and a game changer. It has been an incredible week!

2) We are certainly very passionate about what we do here and glad that you obviously share the same energy and drive! So, what are some of your immediate priorities?

My short-term priority is to learn about our teams, products, customers and partners. At the same time, I am quickly getting up to speed about the business priorities and challenges so we can finalize and execute on our plans for 2016 and further.  

3) You are a veteran in the financial applications space. What is your vision for our Financial Management solutions? What do you want customers to know? What type of impact do you hope to make?

The cloud brings fundamental changes in the business applications landscape, especially on social and mobile technologies, revolutionizing the way companies need to engage with their customers and also the speed at which customers expect to be served.

 With FinancialForce, companies rethink how they interact with their customers, across all departments, bringing more live and direct interactions between the employees.

With the Salesforce Platform, we are centering our business apps around the customer, this is also called customer centric apps, it makes so much sense when you think about it, isn’t it?

We are the most engaging solution out there; we bring life into applications!

This being said, and from an application design perspective, we are committed to delivering greater value and superior experiences than the legacy Financials apps. We are in the unique position of running all of our apps on a single cloud platform, using a single intuitive user experience and – again – helping customers communicate across departments with full visibility of their client records, from quote to cash, end to end.

Ultimately, all those advances will improve the competitiveness and the bottom line of our customers and be an application that they actually love to use.  

4) We always love to end on a lighter note!  What do you enjoy doing outside of work? What are your hobbies and passions?

I am French. I’m from the South East of France, “la Provence.” My wife, Ginny, is from Seattle. We both share a passion for travel, arts, fine food and wines. From time to time, I like to take challenges on a chessboard. Are there any chess players at FinancialForce.com? Or, let’s have a glass of wine instead? Even better, let’s play chess while enjoying good wines! Takers?

I’ll take you up on the glass of wine! Thanks Raphael for taking the time to chat. Very happy to have you on the team!


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